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Michael Hansen is a Commercial/Advertising Photographer. Michael is self taught through books, workshops and assisting other professional photographers. Michael is very passionate about photography and he finds great pleasure in his work and all that it entails. In 2005 Michael stopped shooting film and went all digital. It was a steep learning curve with computers and programs such as Adobe photoshop but he dove right in and hasn't looked back. Michael says with digital he can be a lot more creative and have more control over his images. He is always striving to better himself and sharpen his craft. Michael is very humble and works well with others, he believes that listening to other peoples ideas and input on projects goes a long way to achieving a great image. Communication and teamwork are essential when working together. Michael is currently shooting (Head shots, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Swimwear, Product)

He has been in business for fifteen years serving Washington and South Florida.

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